Forging International Business Partnerships

Our Story

Understanding. Culture. Partnership.


The Australian Association of International Business (AAIB) was founded in Perth Western Australia in 2014 and formally incorporated in 2016.

Head office of the Australian Association of International Business is in Perth, capital city of Western Australia.

Our Impact

The number of SME business in Western Australia has grown steadily over the past decade though many do not have the resources to explore or unaware of the challenges faced when entering new international markets.

AAIB was established to promote international business partnerships, international standard business practices, including cultural and human understanding that helps to determine the success of a business which is operating in an international arena.

This incorporated not-for profit association is formed by business owners and operators who have professional experience and expertise in international business, who wish to share ideas through a professional network platform and help more small-medium businesses to be successful in their field at home and in overseas countries.